Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Leadbetter Point State Park and National Wildlife Refuge

When we visited the Visitor's Center in Long Beach, we were told that a great place to bird was the Leadbetter Point State Park and National Wildlife Refuge.  So we headed to the Northern point of the Long Beach Peninsula.  

I really like the colorful information signs 
in the Washington State Parks.

We got to the park at low tide and the water was clear out there.  The only birds we saw were seagulls!

We didn't see any of the Brant Geese either!

After the beach walk, the path took us through a forest section.  It was really an old growth forest and very beautiful.

We didn't see or hear any of these guys either!

We started out at a second hike in another location in the park, however, once you started down the path, you came to a fork in the road.  There was a part of the sign but the part that told us which way to go was missing.  It looked to us that we could easily walk miles in the wrong direction.  Before we turned around, we ran into this beautiful fence.  We have no idea where it goes but it is probably a private home back above the ocean.

The road went straight from the fence but it also went off in another direction for what looked like the same length.  We just decided to head back to the truck before we got off trail too far,

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