Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beverly Beach, Oregon

We are parked at Harbor Village in Newport, Oregon.  We spent the morning in our fifth wheel today working on the itinerary for the rest of our time on the coast.  Then in the afternoon we headed north to walk some of the beaches.  Our first stop was Beverly Beach.

Beverly Beach is one of the beaches that you walk under a bridge on Highway 101 to get to the bridge.  Once you pass under the bridge you emerge onto the beach which extends from Yaquina Head to the headlands of Otter Rock.  

A Sand Castle that someone put a lot of work into

Common Murre

I'm not quite sure why this murre was sitting in the middle of the sand.  There weren't any other murres around.  We were happy to take his picture but hope nothing was wrong with him.

We were here in time high tide.  The waves were awesome!

Turkey Vulture

Cedar Waxwing

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