Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oxbow Bend and Leek's Marina

Today we set to visit Jenny Lake and have lunch at the Lodge there.  It was not to be.  There are so many people visiting the park that the vehicles were parked out on the road clear to the intersection. Not only would we not be able to find a place to park but we would have to wait forever for dinner. We have heard that visitation is up by 18% or so this season and you can tell it everywhere you go here.  I am hoping the animals don't go into hiding but I feel like we might!

Since Jenny Lake was a "No Go", we drove over to our favorite scene in Grand Teton which is the Oxbow Bend Turnout.  Last time we arrived earlier in the season so there was snow all over the mountain - not so in August!

One of the most recognized views in Grand Teton National Park: The Teton Range from Oxbow Bend

There is some snow on the mountain in August!

It must be a glacier!

The Snake River flowing beyond Oxbow Bend

We decided to have lunch at Leek's Marina.  They have great pizza and aren't in the park so we figured we would have a better chance of getting faster service and food.

The mountains from Leek's Marina on Jackson Lake

Leek's Restaurant overlooking the marina
Love that ham and pineapple pizza!

A view farther down the road.  We decided to head to Yellowstone and see what we could see!

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