Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ecola State Park.Oregon

After we left Cannon Beach, we drove the short distance to Ecola State Park.  The last time we visited here we took a ton of pictures of a herd of elk that were feeding in the picnic area.  We weren't that lucky this time.

A sign to help identify what you see

They've done some work to the park since we were here last. They've built a new overlook that is great for viewing Cannon Beach as well as the Tillemook Rock Lighthouse.

At the first overlook - someone left us 
a greeting in the sand below us.

View of Cannon Beach from the Overlook

Haystack Rock

The tide has been coming in since we left the beach.  

A walkway from the overlook took us to a beautiful view of the Tillemook Rock Lighthouse.  For information about this lighthouse, link to:

The lighthouse is a bit more than a speck from this view, however, 
Lee brought it in closer with his zoom in the next couple pictures.

Sign about the current inhabitants of the lighthouse rock

The sun is setting so it is time to head back to Washington and our fifth wheel.  We did have a pretty sunset tonight!

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