Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scenic Cruise Out of Newport

Yesterday as we left the Newport pier and all its seals, we stopped in the local gift shop/cruise line. They offered a cruise that leaves the bay for an ocean excursion that sounded pretty interesting. So we reserved a couple of seats for the two of us for today.

Bright and early this morning, we were back at the dock ready for our cruise. Unfortunately, it was a bit foggy with rough seas but the Captain took us out anyway. The boat was tossed around by the high waves and we didn't stay out in the ocean for long before returning to the shelter of the bay. We decided the captain had only gone out beyond the mouth of the Yakima River so the tour company could say we went out into ocean waters as promised and therefore didn't have to give us a rain-check for a future cruise.
Our cruise boat

One of the things the crew did early in the cruise was to have some kids in the tour group load some bait into a crab trap.

A bit foggy!

Once you go under the bridge, you are almost in the ocean

The breakwater protrudes into the sea

We're now officially in the Pacific Ocean

The Yaquina Bay lighthouse was first lit in 1871 before being decommissioned in 1874 because the Yaquina Head light made it obsolete. Since 1996, it has been a privately owned aid to navigation and is the only existing lighthouse in Oregon where the living quarters and the light are in the same building.

Remember the bait that the kids put in the traps? Here's the catch!

The naturalist shows the safe way to hold a Dungeness Crab - without getting pinched!

Some more scenery along the Yaquina River upstream from the bay.


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