Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Games With The Grandkids, Addisyn and Tommy

After dinner tonight Danica had the kids choose a couple of games to play.  I can't really remember the names of either board game.  The one Tommy chose involved all of us playing versus the pigs.  If we were able to find certain objects on the board, then we could proceed home.  If we managed to get home before all the picnic food disappeared, then we won.  Sometimes we had to draw a card and some of those were cards that said the Pig got some food.  Everyone was very unhappy when someone would draw a pig!

I guess I didn't take any pictures of the second board game.  The one Addisyn chose was a Princess Castle Game where all of us were trying to get to the castle first.  I won one game and Addi won another.  It takes quite a bit of time playing these games because Danica insists that Addi and Tommy count their own squares and move the pegs.  If they count wrong or move wrong they have to start over.  So, it takes awhile.  Danica also makes sure that Addi recognizes the numbers on  a card and I kept getting in trouble for saying go 3 spaces.  If I didn't give away what the number on the card was then Tommy did so we both kept getting chastised! 

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