Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Braunfels, Texas Tour

Dick and Janet picked us up today at 11:00 AM today and we headed to New Braunfels and especially to The Alpine Haus for some German food.  We read all the reviews from the German restaurants in New Braunsfels and decided that this one sounded like the place to go.  It was absolutely the best German food we've had since we were in Germany. 

The Alpine Haus

Dick and Janet Kirkman
Not the best picture, but that's us!

Lee and Dick had the Jӓger Schnitzel.

I had Chicken Schnitzel.

Janet had Sauerbraten.  

Everyone was extremely happy.  We picked the right place.  It was more expensive than what we normally would pay for lunch but, oh my, was it worth it.  I also tried the Chicken Spӓetzle Soup which was excellent.  All the meals came with red cabbage and what they called rye bread.  It was about the best rye bread any of us had tasted so we asked the waitress about it.  She said they bought their bread from Theis Bakery which is in the Fork and Spoon Cafe.  

Well, after lunch we waddled out of The Alpine Haus and headed over to Theis Bakery to buy some of their bread.  It turned out that what we ate was a sunflower bread with rye flower.  Anyway, the bakery in there looked so yummy that we ended up with bread and bakery for tomorrow's breakfast!  So much for any dieting thoughts that we've had!!

Theis German Bakery in the Fork and Spoon Cafe

After lunch we stopped at the Visitor Center and asked where to hunt for wild flowers.  Luckily, the woman behind the counter had just taken a drive yesterday and she sent us on our merry way.  We followed Hwy 46 to Hwy 123 east on Hwy  87 and then headed north on Texas Route 80 to Alternate Route 90 and west to 123 and went north on 123 and north on 46 returning to New Braunsfels and then returned here.  We saw lots of fields of flowers along the way.  Unfortunately, everywhere we went was State Highways and it wasn't easy to pull over to get pictures.  We did get some and Dick finally pulled off the road a couple times and we stopped and took some pictures. The day wasn't as sunny as it could have been and it even sprinkled on and off but we had a good time anyway.

Tomorrow Dick and Janet are heading north but we plan to see if we can find more flowers in the Fredericksburg area.  It was great fun exploring with them!

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