Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Bohemia Neighborhood - Cherry Building and the Ale House

We stayed the night with our good friends, Barb and Larry Taylor, last night so that we could attend the Baptism of Nicholas Wooff, the newly adopted granchild of Carol and Jerry Schaub, other good friends from Marion, Iowa.  Our rig is parked in Des Moines this week.  Barb showed me all her latest fused glass creations.  She is getting quite talented.

I admired this piece so much that Barb gave it to me and, of course, I didn't refuse!  I also got the directions for it although I'm not sure we can do this in Texas or not.  I'll check it out with our jewelry instructors when we get back next winter.

 The pieces above and below are some of Barb's other creations.  

 Larry and Barb at their house

Barb  invited us to head down to see the glass studio where she has been working on her fused glass projects.  The glass studio is located in the Cherry Building in the New Bohemia neighborhood which is centered on Third Street SE near the Cedar River.  The neighborhood links the Downtown District with the Czech Village. This area is recognized as the Bohemian Commercial Historic District by the National Register of Historic Places.

Barb showing Lee some of the glass

 Larry is looking a bit bored!
 Displayed items from the Ceramic and Glass Studios

 Back of the fused glass piece above.

Ceramic Exhibition

The Cherry Building is a great place to visit because of all the artsy businesses that are located in it.  There is a nice ceramic studio, glass studio, floral shops, photography studios to musical instrument repair services.  Right now there are about 30 small businesses in the building.  Barb gave us a tour of the glass studio and showed us a lot of the projects she was working on.  She also gave me some glass scraps that I could use when we are down in Texas to make some more fused glass jewelry. 

After we had our tour, we all headed across the street to the Ale House for lunch.  The Ale House is located in an old Bank building.  We checked in for a table in front of the large bank vaults.  The food was really quite good.  

                               Entrance to the Ale House

It was great spending time with good friends!

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