Friday, April 11, 2014

Jack Sisemore RV Museum

We took a break from the rally and went over to see the RV Museum which is at Jack Sisemore Traveland, a large RV dealership. The Sisemores began restoring and collecting vintage RVs over 25 years ago.

We loved seeing the 1948 Flexible Bus from the Movie "RV". It was the first Itasca motor home ever built. We also saw the oldest Fleetwood in existence and many other RVs from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60', and up. 

This bus was used by the Gornike Family in the Robin Williams movie "RV."  The bus is a 1948 Flexible bus that was modified for the movie.  

I'm in the driver's seat - some place you will never see me!

Lee says I'm more of a "back-seat" driver!

Lee is behind the wheel!  He looks more at home than me!

1921 Ford Lamsteed Kampkar - cost $535 and was made by Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, Missouri. There were five made.

Inside the 1921 Ford Lamsteed Kampkar

Mary and Lee took turns in front of the 1953 Fleetwood.  We are just happy that we have a whole lot more room than this camper did!

You turn this wheel to lift the roof of this camper.

The 1948 Ford

The thing on the window is a form of air conditioner.  Lee is checking it out.

I had some kitchen appliances once that was that color!

Besides all the fasinating campers, there were quite a few restored motorcycles.  Some were on the floor and a bunch lined the ceiling in the museum.

We heard that the Sisemores are actually going to enlarge this museum one of these days. It was really fun to get in and take a look at them and it was free!