Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fredericksburg and More Wildflowers

We headed out today for Fredericksburg, Texas.  It is a very interesting town and we plan to spend more time here at some point.  We love all the old architecture in town and there are a couple of museums that we'd like to see.  

Our first stop though was Wild Seed Farms.  The farm has more than 1,000 cultivated acres in Texas and over 200 acres of wildflower fields at its Hill Country headquarters outside of Fredericksburg. They also have several Gift Shops and the famous Brewbonnet Biergarten. 

Inside the Gift Shop

One of the fields that was in bloom
Drummond Phlox

Our next stop was to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm.  The Herb Farm is also a spa with quite a few little houses for the spa guests.  It is an entirely charming place to visit.  I would have loved to visit the Gift Shops but since it was Sunday, the place was closed.  We were just thankful that you could walk around and see all the herb gardens.

The Spa Building
The lodging for the Spa

Herb Gift Shop and Restaurant
Entry to the Herb Farm
More of the Herb Farm

There are loads of beautiful stone buildings in Fredericksburg and the next time we are here, we'll visit them.  Today we had time to visit St. Mary's Church.  The old church is on the same block as the newer church.  They could not be more different.  The old church is very simple and it was open today when we arrived so we were able to go in and get some pictures.

The new church is enormous and very ornate inside.  A woman inside the old church was kind enough to show us a picture of the inside of the church.  It was as ostentatious as the old church was simple.  When we get back one of these days, we'll see if we can come when the church is open.

I had seen some beautiful pictures of St. Mary's Cemetery and so we found our way there and wandered around.  The oldest part of the cemetery was covered in bluebonnets and it was really lovely next to all the old stones. 

The Oldest Part of St. Mary's Cemetary in Fredericksburg

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