Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heading North for the Summer

This morning I finished packing up the fifth wheel while Lee worked outside, emptying tanks, removing tire covers, etc. etc. Even though we've been working for days on getting ready to leave, we didn't really get out of the campground until 1:00 PM. It didn't make too much difference to us as we had an appointment to get new tires put on the fifth wheel at Pueblo Tires in Edinburg this afternoon.

Our rig wouldn't fit in their garage at Pueblo so we left it outside. I felt sorry for them because it was pretty warm outside today. We went inside and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and ate it while we waited. Just about the time we finished eating, the trailer was done and we were on our way again.

As we left Edinburg on Highway 281 we saw another Mobile Suites in the ditch. It was obvious he had tire problems as a repair truck had pulled up behind them. It made us glad that we took the plunge and got the tires put on before we left Texas. It is amazing to us how many people tend to ignore the tires. It is really dangerous!

We decided to stop for the night at a campground near George West. It was getting dark and we didn't want to go any further. It wasn't the best campground in the world as it was really noisy being right next to the highway. It looked like a place that could use a lot of work!

We were so tired though that the noise didn't bother us at all. We both slept like rocks!

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