Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Riverside and the Best Tenderloins in the Rio Grande Valley

We are still in the process of getting ready to leave Winter Ranch for the season. Lee spent the morning outside storing the golf cart and repacking the shed. I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer in the shed and unpotted all but two of my plants. It killed me to throw perfectly good plants out but no one seemed to want them. Then I put all the nice pots in the refrigerator and freezer where they'll probably be safe for the summer.

At 2 PM Mickey and Mary Hazlett picked us up and we went to Riverside for some tenderloins before we left. They were great, as usual. Mary also had us try their fried green beans which were actually pretty darn good. The Hazletts are staying on for awhile at Winter Ranch as it is still too cold in Iowa. However, by the time we get to Cedar Rapids, we'll all be ready for another tenderloin at Central City at the Stovehouse Restaurant. 

Horses on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River - 
Across From Riverside

Lee, Mary and Mickey waiting for food!

We stopped at Kautsch Hardware on the way home to pick up rope and a tarp for the bicycle. Lee finished up putting the bike on the truck and tying up the golf cart. We spent the rest of the evening catching our account records up to date. We did sit on the patio for a peach daquiri before bed. It just wouldn't fit in the freezer in the trailer!!