Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bowl Plaza - Lucas, Kansas

We decided we had to come back to visit the town of Lucas one more time.  It is a very interesting place to visit.  It is full of grass roots art venues.  The reason we came back, however, was because the last time we were here they were getting ready for the dedication of Bowl Plaza and we really wanted to see how it came out.  

Sign as you enter town

The people in Lucas really needed a public restroom facility and they couldn't find any way to finance it until they decided to make it an art project.  Once they decided to attempt it that way, things got underway.  This is one of the coolest public restroom facilities we've ever seen!

The entrance to the restrooms is through the toilet bowl above.  
Side of the bathroom building

Inside the Men's Restroom - Everything is in mosaic.  
It is gorgeous!
Lots of toy cars and trucks and other things 
men and boys would like adorn the walls.

The Women's facilities are done in mosaic 
also but look a lot more feminine!

The Sidewalk to the facility is the 
unrolled toilet paper roll made of cement!
Lee inside the toilet bowl

This is the porcelain piece that the artist, 
Eric Abraham, made for the piece.  

The porcelain middle of the toilet bowl is the water going down the drain.  It is full of things that end of clogging drains like children's toys, money, and a huge collection of stuff.  It looked a lot bigger last time we were here when we saw it in Eric's studio.

Eric Abraham's Shop which is next to the plaza. 

We had a nice talk with him and a tour of his shop the last time we visited Lucas.  He makes some very unusual and beautiful porcelain pieces.  You'll have to visit there if you ever get in this area.
This is the side of the building that houses Eric Abraham's studio.

This display of Fork Art is in the same square as Bowl Plaza.

After taking a look at Bowl Plaza, we decided to take a second look at The Garden of Eden.  See the next post for information on it.

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