Thursday, April 3, 2014

Potter's Creek at Canyon Lake

We left from Rockin J RV Park at George West, Texas. We stopped for lunch at McDonald's at a Pilot Travel Stop and then drove the rest of the way here.

My washing machine still will not open. It quit on my last load before our trip and wouldn't complete the last rinse cycle. We managed to run the cycle so that the water disappeared but it wouldn't spin and it stayed locked. We are hoping if it stays off another day, we can get into it tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll have some moldy clothes on our hands. We hope to wait until we get to Iowa to get it fixed. Oh, the troubles of the road! lol

Shortly after we arrived, Janet and Dick Kirkman came over to say Hi. They have been here for a few days already. It is funny because we hardly saw them at Winter Ranch this season but we went sightseeing with them last year from here. We decided to head over to our favorite Italian Restaurant for lunch tomorrow and then head over to Greune. 

 Mary at our campsite

We got the trailer set up and feeling homey again and then took a walk around the park taking some pictures as we went. We had a beautiful sunset tonight.

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