Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Granddaughter, Addisyn's, Dance Class and At Home

Tonight our Granddaughter, Addisyn, had her dance class and so we grandparents were invited to go with her and Chance to watch her practice.  Unfortunately, we will be gone when she has her recital.  When the class is so full of young ones, you never know what any of them are going to do.  Often it is hard to tell which child is doing the right step because none of them are in the same place.  It is fun!

Listening - now that is the hard part!

After dinner tonight Danica allowed the kids some tablet time.  They were both so engrossed and they both knew what they were doing.  It is amazing how computer savvy little ones are now!  Addi had a headset on and every once in awhile she would just start laughing like crazy.  It was hysterical watching them.

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