Friday, May 2, 2014

Christmas in May

We decided that we should have a Christmas in May with Addi and Tommy since we didn't get to see them at Christmas time.  We went out and picked out the presents a few days ago.  Of course, the kids loved it.  Who wouldn't want some gifts!

Addi is anticipating opening her gifts!
What do we have here?
It a Thunderwave - a car that does stunts!
I couldn't resist this when we saw it at Toys R Us.  It is a camper for Tinkerbell.  Addi has her room done in a Tinkerbell theme and this camper was just too cute!

Tommy is a big fan of all the Super Heros so we knew he would like this Batman figure!
We bought this little purse for Addi in Mexico  
Chance and Danica got this Mr. Max Burner.  Since they are buying a tent and going camping with the kiddos this summer, we thought they might enjoy it.

Addi is showing off her camper.
Addi and Tommy made us some Christmas ornaments and that is what I am holding in the bag.  

Danica and Tommy
Chance and Lee worked on setting up the Thunderwave Track.

It is never as simple as it looks!
Tommy with his Batman
Lee had to make an adjustment so the car would travel up the ramp correctly and then flip over as it came down.

It was fun being able to watch the kiddos open their gifts for a change and when we finished with everything the whole place was full of paper and cardboard.  It looked just like the aftermath of Christmas morning!

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