Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Cookout with Danica and Family

We finally had a nice day for a cookout so even though it was a week night, we had the kids over for a picnic.  Chance the kids played with frisbees for awhile.  They all ended up running into the weed patch to find the missing frisbees.  At one point little Addi decided to pull a couple of the weeds and she cut three or four of her little fingers and we had to take her in and get some antiseptic on it and some bandaids.  Luckily, she didn't get too deep a cuts but she could have.  That grass looks pretty cool but it can be rough on you!

Chance is out hunting in the tall grass.

Danica is just cooling her jets!
Grandpa is making sure the coals stay hot.  I have Lodge Pot Stroganoff in the Lodge Pot.  Ummmm, it is good stuff!
Now Tommy is finding the Frisbee.
Addi on the Go!
Danica and her Dad
I'm chilling too!  Once I get the food in the pot, Lee is in charge!

Sweet Little Addi
Lee and Chance are now working on a fire for S'mores
Tommy eating his dinner
We are still messing with the fire.
Addie gets scolded for getting too close to the fire a lot!
Chance and Addi
Danica and Tommy
Well, the fire is about ready for S'mores!
Mommy and Addi roasting their marshmallows!
Tommy is ready for his S'more also!
Now the men folk cook theirs!
Danica is about to take a bite!
Chance has to lick off the goo!!
My turn!  I like it burnt to a crisp!
Grandma and the kiddos roasting marshmallows!

Nice Sunset Coming!
Frisbee time again!
What a gooey mess!
Gorgeous Sky!

Chance is tired of chasing frisbees and sits down for awhile before they take the kiddos home to a bath before bedtime!

Lee is cleaning up.  

Tonight was our last night here in the Des Moines area and we headed toward Cedar Rapids the next day.  It is always hard to say goodbye but at least tonight I knew they were coming down to camp with us over Memorial Day weekend so I didn't feel too bad tonight.

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