Thursday, May 8, 2014

Glazed Expressions Class With Danica

For Mother's Day Danica bought she and I a session at Glazed Expressions.  They provide all the paints, the canvas and the cleanup materials, including a protective apron for your clothing.  All we had to do was bring the checkbook so to speak. 

Some of the art that has been done here is on several walls.

I'm starting with a blank slate!
We just finished the base coat for the painting and Danica is drying her canvas for the next step.

This quirky guy was a bundle of energy and our instructor for the evening.  I don't think I ever caught his name.

The picture we are painting is of the Gray's Lake Bridge.  Above is Danica's finished bridge portion of the painting.

I kind of liked my painting when it got to this stage and before we added all the wild colors!

Danica has almost finished her painting!
This is mine!
Danica - the Artist!
I'm holding my finished piece.
Here with are with the instructor's painting in the middle.  I don't think we did too badly!  It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again the next time we are in Iowa!

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