Sunday, May 25, 2014

More Camping

This morning it was our turn for breakfast so I decided to make Omelets in a Bag.  I mixed up the eggs and cut up veggies and ham to go with it and then, of course, shredded cheese.  Everyone decided what they wanted in their omelet.  We've seen this done once before at a camping weekend with our buddies from the Hawkeye Camping Club in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha area.  It went pretty well except that the omelets didn't get done as fast because I didn't have a large enough pot.  We couldn't get as many in and it took longer to cook.  They were good all the same though.

Danica is helping Tommy fill his breakfast bag.

I'm starting to load mine.
Tommy is deciding whether this is okay.  He must 
have because he ate the whole thing.

We call this "Our Two Monkeys".  Tommy is showing us how monkeys peel their bananas and just at that time Chance decided to scratch his head.  Funny!!
Here are some of my favorite people!
Now Grandma decided that we should make even a bigger mess!  Tommy, Addi and I are going to make dessert for tonight.  It will be a Dirt Cake.  Here Danica is dividing a box of Oreo cookies between Tommy and Addi.  They will be the dirt.
Here the kids are smashing their Oreos.  Tommy is using a rolling pin and Addi is using a meat hammer.
We are getting there!
Ms. Addi's looks pretty mushed!
Now we are adding Cool Whip to Chocolate pudding and then they are going to mash that to mix it up.

Adding showing off her mashed pudding concoction. 
Then, of course, we added gummy worms 
and malted milk ball for rocks.
Grandpa helped Addi with hers and suspiciously there are very few worms or malted milk balls showing.  Don't know which of the two culprits add more than they put in!  lol
Here is Tommy's finished dessert!  All worms and malted milk balls accounted for!  Of course, Grandma helped him!
Here is Addi's finished cake!  Not as wormy, but still delicious!
Chance grilled burgers for lunch and we had 
our Dirt Cake for dessert.  Tommy enjoyed it!!
Danica and Jessica finished their desserts!
Jessica and McKenzie
It was my turn to make dinner so I put ribs in 
the Dutch Oven.  Boy, were they good!
Grandpa dishing out his ribs.
After dinner, Grandma brought out the sparkers for Tommy and Addi.  At first, they were not too thrilled with the long wooden sticks.  They weren't used to them.  Then, of course, their Mommy kept thinking they were going to burn themselves so she didn't help matters any.  lol
Tommy was afraid to move at first!
Finally, they relaxed a little and had some fun with them!

Danica and Addi burned the last two of the sparklers!

Then it was time for the little ones to head to bed and our intrepid campers headed off to the Marriott for the night.  Danica didn't get much sleep the night before.  We found her on our couch in the morning when we woke up.  She deserted the rest of them! lol  Tommy and Addi slept pretty well but Chance didn't get much sleep either.  They'll be back to see us tomorrow!

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