Monday, May 26, 2014

Saying Goodbye is Hard!

This morning the kids arrived and Chance and Danica made breakfast.  We had breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage with juice.  They were really good!

Addi wanted to help with breakfast so she handed eggs to her Mom when they were needed.
 Here Chance is handing Addi her breakfast.

Our daughter, Lori, joined us for lunch today.  We were glad she could come out and didn't have to work since we are leaving Iowa tomorrow.  I do have some beautiful daughters!!

It was a good thing I got the picture above when Lori first got here because the weather turned nasty and it rained the rest of the morning.  

Lee and I made lunch today and Lee got the worst end of it.  He was trying to keep the coals going and so he stood with a golf umbrella over his head and the coals while my lunch cooked.  I made a beef and potato bake and none of us were too thrilled with it so I'm taking it out of my recipe book.  It made a ton of food too and I threw the leftovers out!  First recipe that we've made in the Dutch oven that we didn't like!

For lunch we moved the picnic table under the awning of the  fifth wheel and ate.  We still got somewhat wet but not too bad.  Whenever there was a time with less rain coming down, Chance and Danica packed the van.  They managed to get most of it done before it poured down!

When it was cleanup after lunch, I donned what Chance calls my "Aqua Tele-tubby outfit" (my poncho) so that I could clean off the table without getting drenched!

Then it was time for everyone to leave and it always takes me awhile to recover from saying goodbye!

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