Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paul and Pat and Dan and Linda Visit Us at Sugar Bottom

Mary's brothers, Paul and Dan, and their spouses, Linda and Pat, came out to Sugar Bottom to spend the day with us today.  It is rare that we all get together these days and so the time we spend together is precious!!

Linda and Pat
Dan and Paul
I made a BBQ Beef Biscuit Bake in my cast iron 
Dutch oven for lunch.  It was really good!

Linda and Paul went to get a pizza for dinner.  They went to Casey's and it was pretty darn good pizza!

I can't remember who wanted S'mores but Pat went out in search of twigs to get the fire started.
Just Chillin'

On a stroll of the park

Dan, Mary Ellen and Paul - The Anderson Kids
Linda and Dan
Pat and Paul
A Baltimore Oriole's Nest

Baltimore Oriole

Isn't he pretty!

These birdies need to get a room!! 

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