Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day at Danica's

We headed over to Danica's early this morning so we could all attend church at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Des Moines.  It is a huge congregation of over 3000 members.  We read the time we were supposed to arrive and promptly made it a half an hour later.  That really didn't end up too badly from our standpoint because they had baptisms up the kazoo that morning.  I think there were seven of them.  We arrived a half an hour late and didn't miss very much of the service at all!  The choir and the bell choir were both wonderful and it was a pleasure to listen to them.  Addi and Tommy followed Grandpa up to their classrooms and both of them had a good time.

I thought I had my Mother's Day present already but today when we arrived to go to church with Chance, Danica and the kids, I received this lovely lily and balloon from them.  I am writing about this on June 9th and the balloon is still floating above my dining room table!!  Danica also received a nice plant and balloon!

Grandma and Grandpa with Tommy and Addi
The Adkins-Butler Family

Chance is hard at work making BBQ Chicken.  He and I actually made the sauce the day before from an old recipe I found in my Mother's cookbooks.  It was for Lee's BBQ Chicken.  There was a restaurant that Dad and Mom loved sometime in the 1940's and when they closed Dad somehow got the ingredients for the sauce from the owner.  It was in gallons and cups - It started up with 4 gallons of ketchup and 2 cups of salt, etc. etc.  So, Lee reduced it down so that we could make a quart of it.  Honestly, this sauce is so good that we should have made a gallon of it.  We all loved it.  

Chance with the chicken and the BBQ sauce
It might be Mother's Day but we women still have things that have to be done!

Legion is looking for handouts!
Lee is sitting and relaxing.

Greg, Angel and Jordon arrived to help us celebrate Mother's Day so that was grand.  We didn't get to see much of them this trip because Greg and Angel work conflicting shifts at work and they weren't available until today.

Greg and Angel
Greg, Angel and Jordon
The food is about to be served.
Lee and I
Chance, Angel and Greg
Danica and Addi
Greg on his cell phone
Now Chance is on his - maybe they are texting each other.  LOL

Danica and Ms. Addisyn
Chance finally gets to relax!
Here we are on the deck.  I am a wimp so I got the big umbrella!

Jordon and Tommy playing with Legion in the backyard.
Jordon is getting so tall.  I think he is almost a head taller than me!
Tommy chasing Legion.

It was a great day and one couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day!

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