Saturday, May 24, 2014

Camping With Danica and Family

Our time in Iowa in coming to a close after Memorial Day weekend and so Chance and Danica decided to come and camp out with us at Sugar Bottom Campground near North Liberty, Iowa.  It is a very nice campground and when we are lucky, we can get a full hookup site here.  We did this time so it has been great!

Chance and Danica haven't camped much yet.  They didn't have a very good experience their last time camping so they are giving it a second shot.  They bought a brand new tent because their last one was wrecked after one time of camping!!  Here Lee and Chance are setting it up!

What is this look I am getting???

We are getting there!

Actually, our guys got the tent up in a flash!  
It didn't take that long at all!
Tommy and Addi had to try it out immediately!

Addi in a rare quiet moment!
Tommy and Addi needed something to do so Grandma brought out the bubbles.  It kept them occupied for a little while! lol

We women folk got a chance to relax!
Chance and Tommy played football for awhile.  Chance was upset because the only football they had with them was a Dallas Cowboys team (Tommy's Dad's team).  Chance is a Vikings fan and everyone wears purple at their house where they are playing!

Here they are in a huddle.  Tommy is learning a lot from Chance.  He has his own private coach and he is loving it!  He never seems to get tired so Chance has to give it up first!

Grandpa is getting ready to start the coals.
Little Miss Addisyn
Danica throwing a frisbee!
Tommy sends it back
And here it comes again
Now Grandpa is in the act!
I made Sloppy Joe's for lunch in the Dutch oven 
and Chance is the Chief Chef tonight!
Chance is making grilled Teriyaki chicken with rice
 and vegetables for dinner.

The Newlyweds!
Chance with his chicken
Grandma thought of a project for the kids.  Here I am handing them ingredients for making monkey bread in the cast iron Dutch Oven.

Now we are dipping bread dough into the bags of cinnamon and sugar and putting them in the Dutch Oven.
Addi is placing the sugar coated bread cubes into the oven just so!
Now Tommy is doing his thing.

It is looking pretty good and we added butter cubes to the top of it.  It came out pretty well and tasted great!
Danica invited her girlfriend since grade school, Jessica, and her family over for dinner.
Here we are eating Chance's dinner.
Chance, Chris and Lexi.
Lee cleaning up the Dutch Oven area.
Dinner is served!
It is S'mores Time!
Jessica, McKenzie, Chris and Lexi

Chance relaxing after dinner
Tommy and Addi making S'mores

Don't our girls look dainty with their S'mores! LOL

The fire is dying down and everyone is heading to 
bed!  It's been a fun day!

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