Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Night in Iowa Spent with Great Friends

This is our last night in Iowa and we went to Biaggi's Restaurant in Cedar Rapids with friends from church. 

Pam Dircks arrived first and so we got to chat awhile before the rest of them came. 
The the whole table showed up.  Jerry and Carol Schaub, Anne Christensen, Barb and Larry Taylor, Ken and Carol Cuhel, Carl Christensen, Esther Christensen, us and Pam.  A table of great people that it is a privilege to know. We all had great meals and a lot of conversation.

 Anne and Esther Christensen

After we left Biaggi's, Jerry and Carol Schaub invited all of us over for dessert at their house in Marion.
Jerry and Carol Cuhel serving dessert!
Carol served our choice of a Brownie with ice cream or a Strawberry cake with ice cream.  We all think alike and most of us, if not all, had some of each.  Thus, this huge plate of dessert that was awesome!
Ken Cuhel and Carl Christensen
Carol, Anne and Esther
Barb and Larry Taylor and Jerry Schaub, looking at home!

There is nothing like spending time with good friends.  It seems no matter how long it has been since we've seen them that we just pick up where we left off.  Conversation is always flowing and we have such a great time.  I keep hoping that we can get some of these guys to come visit us on our travels.  The Schaubs and Taylors did visit us when we were in Montana in 2007 and we had a great time!

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