Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trip to Dubois, WY

Today we left early and drove to Dubois, Wyoming which is the home of the National Big Horn Sheep Interpretative Center. The day was a bit cloudy but we decided to go anyway. I wish we would have waited for a brighter day. The pictures would have been a lot better. We thought we would just run over and see the Interpretative Center and come home because one of our workamping buddies said there really wasn't much to see in Dubois. I guess we look for different things. The scenery along the way and around Dubois is just gorgeous. 

Views on the way to Dubois on Highway 26

Coming into Dubois

The town is kind of cute too with lots of neat little shops. We had a picnic lunch but we couldn't resist stopping at the Cowboy Cafe for some dessert. I had the peach crunch pie and it was awesome! Of course, any pie would be since I've been on a diet forever, but it REALLY was good. 

Scenes of Downtown Dubois

Downtown Dubois

Lee inside a nice shop

Cowboy Cafe

Antler Arch

The Sidewalks in Dubois

Downtown Entertainment

Thift Shop

Peach Crunch Pie at the Cowboy Cafe

Lee at the Cowboy Cafe
We also did a bunch of browsing in the local shops and I was good until we hit the Thrift Shop. I was just wandering around and then I found some really nice shell-shaped ceramic planters that they had priced for $2 each. Well, who could resist that. I bought two planters and one starfish decoration that matched. They will be perfect for our yard in Texas. So we will have to haul them around with us until we get to Texas this winter, but Lee found room for them so we are good. 

Our next stop was the National Bighorn Sheep Center in Dubois.  We visited the Visitor Center and the Museum.

National Big Horn Interpretative Center

Loved the door handles!

After we left the Visitor Center, we took a tour of the National Big Horn Sheep Winter Range.  Of course, we didn't see any sheep but the scenery was beautiful.  Unfortunately, the road wasn't.  It was really rough and it just kept getting rougher.

Driving the National Bighorn Sheep Refuge

Nest in the top of a tree (Osprey)


Leaving the Big Horn Sheep Area

 On the way home I did get some better pictures of the area.

We stopped near Mount Moran Junction in Grand Teton National Park to watch the sunset before we finished the drive home.

We want to go back visit Dubois again when we have blue skies and take pics again. It never did completely clear up but we did see some blue late in the day. 

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