Monday, July 8, 2013

Chuckwagon Hootenany

 On the way to work this morning, the clouds by the mountains were really spectacular.  They looked liked they just came rolling in!

After work we headed to the Hootenanny that Dornan's puts on. They have a chuck wagon dinner or you can select from the menu. Then you can eat outside and listen to the people who participate in the Hootenanny. It starts around 5:30 PM and goes on into the evening. The entertainers sign up and they seem to put the people who have participated in it the longest first and then the newer people are later. Then they start over.

I have to say that maybe half of the people who entertained could sing but they all had spirit! Some of them were pretty good. 

Lee and I both had the chuck wagon dinner. They have huge cast iron kettles brewing over a hot fire and they fill them when they get depleted. There was plenty to eat that is for sure.

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