Friday, July 19, 2013

Float Trip Down The Snake River

Today I (Mary) turned 66! I decided that we should do something that we've wanted to do while we are here. Lee purchased tickets on-line for a float trip down the Snake River.

We had several float companies to choose from and we were having a devil of a time trying to decide. There are some price differences and there are some that float different parts of the Snake River. They also have White Water Rafting but we wanted to float and get pictures of the scenery. We were REALLY particular about who we chose. We have a visiting minister from Scotland and he and his family went with another family from church on a float. The other raft that went down river with them flipped over and everyone ended up in the water. That water is mighty COLD so you can see why we were a bit particular. After asking people at work what they thought, we decided to go with the Barker-Ewing Raft Company that has been in business for over 50 years and have a really good reputation. They, of course, happen to be the most expensive but when it came right down to it, the cold water made up our minds!

We fooled around most of the day and so I didn't get my Birthday dinner. We ate at Dairy Queen in order to save some time. We don't know where the day went!! However, you can bet I will get my birthday dinner later!!

We met the rafting crew at the parking lot at the DVC (Discovery & Visitor Center) in Moose. They were right on time. They packed 12 customers and 2 employees into 15 passenger vans and they pulled a raft. There were four rafts full of us.

We were the second raft on the water but we soon passed the first raft as it was smaller and didn't go as deep in the water. We didn't see another raft for the rest of the trip. 

Mary and Lee (Gypsies@Heart)

Our Guide

Sand Hill Crane

Bald Eagle

Canadian Geese

Beavers at Work

Bevers at Work

 We decided to do the last float of the day because we wanted to get some pictures of the beavers working in the area. They come out after 5 PM to start their activities. We did manage to see several of them and lots of their work, but getting a picture was just impossible. They were too fast and the raft was moving at a pretty good speed. The Snake River is a mighty fast river as it is going down hill all the time. Joey said we dropped 150' in 10 miles. The float was pretty serene a lot of the time but we had several times where Joey had to avoid tree stumps or rocks in the water and once we hit bottom going through some shallow water. 

If we were going to do the trip again, we'd take a float trip in the morning to avoid the sun glare coming over the mountains. Our pictures would probably be a lot better if we had gone earlier.

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