Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Evening Festivities - 4th of July

At 7 PM or so we headed over to the ballpark where the evening festivities are scheduled. They had several bands playing tonight at what they call Jackson Hole Live. The bands were on stage but also on the big screen. We enjoyed the bands as people started arriving for the fireworks.

Climbing Wall
 Some of the entertainment!
I'm decked out for the 4th!

He's ready to celebrate!

I went out in search of dinner as there were plenty of food vendors around. The longest lines were for the beer tents but that didn't bother me since we don't drink beer! I ended up with some strange food combinations like mac and cheese and a fruit sort of a slushie. They were both pretty good, however.


                                               The Finale

The fireworks were great. During a part of it, someone in front started singing the National Anthem and soon everyone was singing along with the fireworks going on above us. It was pretty touching!

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