Thursday, July 18, 2013

Idaho Falls - Mormon Temple and Falls

We have taken several trips to the Best Buy in Idaho Falls to get my lap top fixed in the last weeks. Today we went back to pick up it up. We hope for the last time! We signed up for a three year service contract when we purchased it. It turned out that it paid for itself. They gave me a new battery, a new motherboard and they replaced the fan in the unit. They also deleted several viruses. We hope this means that this laptop will last more than three years which has been about the rate that we have had to replace them.

Since we were here, we decided to find the falls in Idaho Falls since we didn't get a chance the last couple of times. These falls are part of a hydroelectric project but they are pretty impressive and the Mormon Temple in the background is a plus. 

Double-crested Cormorants

We stopped at the Mormon Temple too. Of course, you can't enter the temple but we did visit the Visitor Center and we walked the grounds. It was an extremely warm day in Idaho Falls so wandering around too much was out of the question!
Mormon Temple from the parking lot

Angel Moroni

Jesus Christ

Front of the Temple

Flowers with Water Fountain Behind

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