Friday, July 12, 2013

A Grizzly and Jackson Lake Cruise

We picked out some puzzle postcards for Tommy, Addi and Jayden the other day and mailed them this morning along with Jayden's birthday gift which is late! I don't know how we missed it but the other day we talked to him on the phone and he reminded us! lol So, we got it in the mail today. Better late than never.

After we mailed everything we headed over to the Colter Bay Marina so that we could take the scenic cruise on the lake. As we got to the Jackson Lake Junction I spotted a grizzly by the side of the road. There was some traffic stopped there, of course, but I just had Lee roll down the window and I was able to get pretty good pictures of him without causing more of a traffic jam. We learned later that this guy was a cub that was just released from his Mom. In fact, he is one of triplets. The other two have gone off together but this guy is a loner. We felt pretty lucky to see him!

Besides the fact that we got to see a grizzly today, I am so glad that we decided to do this today. It was such a gorgeous day and everything was nice and clear for pictures. Also, had we postponed this, we may not have been able to go on the cruise. The state of Idaho owns owns the top 40' or 60' of the water on Jackson Lake and they can open the gates and start taking water any time they please. A few weeks after we went on this cruise they could no longer give these cruises because the water level dropped so low. Apparently, the Idaho farmers are using more water because they are now growing different crops than they did previously so the boaters here are pretty unhappy about the situation.

Colter Bay Marina

Marina Store

The cruise was narrated and so we learned a lot about the lake, the mountains and the animals. We were lucky enough to spot a moose and a couple of eagles and we were even luckier that we were close enough to get pretty good pictures of them.

Abroad the Cruise Boat

Moose Relaxing

There is an Eagle up There!

There he is!

There is a waterfall there!
After the boat ride we stopped at the Colter Bay Lodge Cafe for lunch.

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