Sunday, July 21, 2013

Art Fair in Jackson

After walking around the Teton Village and having lunch, we headed into Jackson for the Art Fair in Miller Park (Town Square). We found a place to park which was easier than we thought because town was pretty crowded today.

We paid $5 each to enter the Art Fair and then we only bought kettle corn but I sure could have taken home many items -- that is if I had a home! You can't take much with you when you live in a fifth wheel. I was tempted, however, to take home some Scratch Art by Rich Cayou. He etches on masonite board with a layer of white clay and a layer of black india ink. His work is just striking! You can find him at

Rich Cayou
One of the other artists that we loved was Dave Barkby. He is an Artistic Woodturner from Dover, Pennsylvania. His company is known as Barkby Woods. All his pieces are one of a kind and he does pieces in diameter sizes of 10'. If I ever get my cabin in the woods, I would love to put one of his burl pieces on our wall!

Conar Piermarini and Ana Willow Obermayr  
This couple does the glass art in the next couple of pictures.  I almost went home with a couple of their things, but where would I keep it!  They are Oberini Glass out of Portland, Oregon.  See their glass at

Linda Banning does some beautiful jewelry made from recycled wine bottles. I loved a lot of those but I didn't feel like paying $38 for a pair of earrings or a pendant when I have tons of jewelry I don't wear now. However, I will have to show my brother, Paul, what she does because he works with recycled glass also. He might be able to make some jewelry with his scrap pieces.

This artist looks like someone out of the early 60's and so does his art, however, his art is based on mathematical fractals.  He told us if he'd have known he would have paid more attention in math class!  I had his card but I'm afraid I lost it.

I thought these lamps made out of stones would be right up my alley except maybe I find some better shades!

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