Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stage Coach Ride in Downtown Jackson, Wyoming

We had a great day today. Started the day out just visiting some of the shops in Jackson. We had lunch at one of our favorite downtown cafes - The Bunnery. They have the best quiches and sandwiches. The desserts look wonderful but I haven't succumbed yet! (for more information see:

Then we took a stage coach ride around town which was fun.  For more info see:

Our ride is pulling in

Passing one of the antler arches  that are entries to the park

Looking toward the ski slopes

The streets are patrolled

We had our picture taken before we got out!
After that we wandered around. We decided to have some chocolate in this small little shop and we sat down inside. All of a sudden there was a huge downpour. We stayed nice and dry! 

Then we wandered some more until the gun fight in the square.

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