Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stonehenge Estate

Our next stop was to the Stonehenge,  It is the former Foster-Gram Estate and is an old grape growing estate.  In the 1880's  grapes and wine were the South Bass Island’s sole agricultural products.  The islands became known as the “Wine Islands”. There are several island wineries still in operation today and we passed many fields of grapes as we drove around the island.  

The estate is nestled way back in the woods and is very difficult to see from the road.  We stopped in the Museum and Gift Shop and purchased tickets for a self-guided audio cassette tour of the estate.  

Dining Room
Living Room




Bathroom - only room not refurbished
Back of the Home

Back Yard Gardens

Started Out To Be A Milking Barn and 
Converted to Museum and Store 

Wine Press Room

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