Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oak Point State Park & Parker's Park on South Bass Island

As we drove around the island on our golf cart, we tried to find the roads less traveled by although I am sure most people can find them all if they try!  

We found two parks along our way.  Oak Point State Park is located on Bayview Drive in Put-in-Bay Township.  It is the smallest Ohio State Park at just 1.5 acres.

The park occupies a triangular piece of land that points into the harbor toward Gibraltar Island. The north face of the triangle is lined with a bulkhead and topped with a narrow sidewalk suitable to fish from. The south face is lined with boat slips.

Oak Point State Park
Gibraltar Island

Ohio State F.T. Stone Laboratory

Nice Boat Garage
Our next stop was Parker's Park which is a township park and it isn't even marked so is a little hard to find!  From this tiny park you can see the west shore cliffs and Green Island.  The cliffs came from the Silurian Age, deposited about 400 million years ago.  The cliffs reminded us in a diminutive way of the gorgeous Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.
Parker's Park View of Lake Erie

This is now a house (converted from a large boat)

Another View of Parker's Park

Green Island in the Distance

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