Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial

The highlight of our trip to South Bass Island was visiting Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial.  This memorial celebrates our victory in the War of 1812 at the naval Battle of Lake Erie.  It secured our control of Lake Erie.  It also celebrates our long-lived peace with Canada since that battle.

Part of the Memorial - You can get it all in from this close!
The memorial measures 45' at the base. It is 352' feet high.  It is the third tallest monument in the United States, only the San Jacinto Monument in Texas and the Washington Monument are higher.  It is higher than the Statue of Liberty.  It weighs 18400 tons.  The bronze urn at the top is 23' high and weighs 11 tons.  Construction began in 1912 and completed it in 1913. 
The pine trees here don't grow like on the 
main land as they are whipped by the wind

Three American and Three British Naval Officers 
Are Buried Under This Memorial

Stairway to the Elevator (37 steps) - PS That's not my behind!

Elevator to the top

Info Sign Re Battle of Lake Erie

Looking down at people still in line to get to the elevator

Views from the Top

The front building is the Visitor Center
Us at the Top of the Memorial

Once an Operating Winery

Clear Water of Lake Erie

Bronze Urn At The Top Of The Memorial

Castle on Gibraltar Island

Exhibits in the Visitor Center

View of the Memorial From the Visitor Center

Us in front of the memorial

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