Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island

The next stop on our Golf Cart Tour of South Bass Island was the town of Put-in-Bay.  The one thing we noticed as we drove into the city was the horrendous number of golf carts that were parked everywhere.  We had a devil of a time finding a place to park and even though carts were parked all over in no parking spots, Lee waited until someone pulled out and found a legal one!

Downtown Building

A Local Down Town Restaurant and Bar

The Boardwalk Restaurant Famous For Its Lobster Bisque

The Candy Shoppe
It is Golf Cart Heaven or Hell if you are trying to park!
Blue Luna  Ristorante Italiano

The Jet Express Dock

Jet Express Ferry
Jet Express Ferry across the water
Island Home

Another Island Home

And Another Home

Harbour Square Restaurant and Bar

Looking at the Perry Victory and Peace Memorial 
From A Residential Street

Pavilion in DeRivera Park - Downtown

Fountain in DeRivera Park

Downtown Shops
We had fun browsing all the little shops in town although we didn't buy anything!
Downtown Restaurant Famous For Its Chicken Recipe


The Country Club

Flags on Put-In-Bay Winery (former Doller Estate)

The Former Doller Estate - Now Put-in-Bay Winery

The Doller Estate View of the Marina

Front Lawn of the Doller Estate

As the day was drawing to a close, there were tons of people speeding around and hanging off their carts, hollering and partying.  They seemed to be having a great time but as the evening hours set in, they got more and more boisterous and obnoxious.  I'd say if you aren't a drinker, visit the island during the day.  We've been told by several people that it is a party town at night and that is definitely what we observed!  As night fell we watched one young man fall into a picture panel on the street.  It took him three times to get it set back up.  Then he walked a little farther down the street and fell over a railing into a table and chairs at a patio restaurant.  Later as we left the downtown area, we saw him drinking another beer at one of those tables. Then later as we were headed back to the Miller Ferry Line dock, we saw a couple of the six passenger carts laughing and carrying on as they went side-by-side down the middle of the road throwing their empty beer glasses on the road.  I bet the island people just love them when they are picking up after them in the morning.  We went on a week day so I can't imagine how it is on a weekend!

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