Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Schedel Gardens

The Shedel Gardens are located in Elmore, Ohio, a very small town along the Portage River. They are well worth seeing. Lee and I are both lovers of nature and can't get enough of it in its natural beauty. However, we also love to see what we humans can do with what God has given us. The Shedel Gardens is a prime example of that.

Entry Sign

Before the gardens were opened to the public, this site was the home of Joseph and Marie Schedel. During their lives, the Schedels cultivated their passion for nature and art, bringing back ideas from their travels to more than 100 countries for use in their home and gardens. Thankfully, they left the gardens for the rest of us to enjoy!

Visitor Center

Views From the Balcony of the Visitor Center

View Heading Toward The House

The Home

Patio With Views of the Japanese Gardens Below

Japanese Gardens

Plants on the Stairway to the Japanese Gardens


Mary on the Bridge

Lee in the Japanese Garden

This Pagoda contains the ashes of Mr. and Mrs. Schedel

Leaving the Japanese Gardens

Mute Swans

There are ponds everywhere on the property

The Bonsai Exhibit

The Kitchen Garden
What is this - a zucchini, a bean??? 
They Grow A Huge Variety of Peppers

Kitchen Garden

Entrance to the Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Us in front of the Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden

I Love the Purple

Back of the home

I decided this would be a lovely place to park our camper for a season, however, I think it would be frowned upon!

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