Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marion, Ohio City of Murals

After visiting the train station, we went in search of the Marion Murals. We had read about them on the internet and decided to find them since we had some time. We didn't find all of them but did have two that were really something.

Panorama of "By Marion About Marion" Mural

The first one was the whole side of a building. We took pictures of it all separately and then Lee put them together into a panorama. This mural was done by dozens of people of all ages and talents. It is called "By Marion About Marion". It is on the side of the Merrill Lynch Building on S. Prospect Street. The following pictures are close up of the various sections of the Panorama above.

Then we visited the mural done by Eric Grohe which is at Busby Park at the corner of Center and Prospect Streets. This mural is unbelievable. It is done in 3D and took about a year to complete. It is called "Marion, The Heart Of It All." The taller portion of the wall features a painted niche, in which there are four statues representing the foundations on which the town was built: pioneers, agriculture, industry, and education. They support the future, depicted in the form of a globe, on which a young woman who represents the present, points to the location of Marion, Ohio.

3D Mural by Eric Grohe

When we first looked at it, we thought that this building was just architecturally beautiful, however, there are no statues on a small balcony or domed windows above the ground floor windows. Nor is there a round arch above the globe. It is all 3D art work. We had to stand right under the building and look up to see that it was indeed flat.

This is all 3D art - there is no arched window in this wall

Eric Grohe has done murals on many buildings in Ohio. If we ever visit those places, we'll be sure to stop in and see them.

The new look for an old factory building /
The old factory building
I went back and found a picture of what the old building looked like. It was a factory and when the building in front of it was torn down, they decided to put a small park where it was. That meant figuring out a way to make the factory look good. They succeeded. It is wonderful!

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