Wednesday, August 15, 2012

South Bass Island

We finally were able to visit South Bass Island and Put-In-Bay.  We were going to celebrate my birthday there on July 19th, however, it was a really stormy day.  Then we tried several other times and the weather predicted rain and they were right!  Today looked good so we headed over early this morning. 

I'd love to have either of these modes of transportation!
We took the Miller Ferry over to the island and, of course, took some pictures along the way.  So far it is a beautiful day!

Mouse Island

Leaving the Dock

South Bass Island
South Bass Island isn't all that far but the ferry isn't all that fast either.  The ones at Mackinaw were much faster.  You can see Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial rising above the treetops!
Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Coming into the Ferry dock

Debarking The Miller Ferry
Once we landed we walked up to the Golf Cart Rental area and rented one for the day.  We had to stand in line, of course, but it wasn't too bad.  Then we took the cart and drove the opposite direction from everyone else so that we wouldn't be in a crowd.

We took the above picture from the ferry dock.  I don't know if you can see the balcony jutting out from the trees in the distance or not.  We decided to head over and see what it was.  We thought perhaps it was a park with an overlook.  It turned out to be the overlook for the mansion below.  

South Bass Island Lighthouse
We parked our golf cart in a parking area right next to the South Bass Island Lighthouse which is located on the southwestern coast of South Bass Island.  This Queen Anne style lighthouse was established in 1897. It  is unique in that the living quarters are attached to the tower and it has a basement and 2 1/2 floors of living space. The lighthouse was used until 1962 when it was replaced by an automated tower.

Lake Erie Water Snake
While we've been touring around Lake Erie, we've seen several signs asking us to help with the survival of the Lake Erie Water Snakes and asking that we not disturb or kill them.   We were thankful just not to see any of them.  That is until today.  We saw this guy when we were taking pictures of Lake Erie from the shores of the lighthouse.  We couldn't tell if he was sleeping or dead but we decided not to bother him either way!

View from the Lighthouse

South Bass Island State Park

Some cabins at South Bass Island State Park

The Jet Ski Rental Area and Beach

Lee at Pavillion
Later on in the day, around dinner time, we were still running around in our golf cart when the sky turned gray and we kept hearing thunder.  We decided it might be a good time to find some shelter and the closest place we could think of was the park.  So we headed over here and decided we'd have our dinner here as we had packed a lunch.  We got there just in the nick of time.  It really started to pour down rain!  We stayed dry though and had our meal.  We were joined by a group of young girls who were not so lucky.  They had been on bicycles and were drenched by the time they got to the pavillion.  Their Moms arrived in time to stay dry and set up their dinner.  They were young and it didn't seem to both them at all!
After the rain, we went down and dried off our seat on the golf cart and headed back out to do some more sightseeing.  We drove by the Mother Of Sorrows Church.   The church was completed in 1883. It is a board and batten Gothic structure which is very typical of country churches of its time. 

Our next golf cart stop will be a tour of the Stonehenge Estate.

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