Thursday, October 23, 2014

Visiting With Relatives at Bloomsburg, PA

We headed over to Bloomsburg this afternoon to get together with the rest of the Pennsylvania relatives on their turf!  Our first stop was at Jon and Michele's house where we all gathered.

 Peggy, Lyn, Jon and John

Peggy and John Trathen came over from Catawissa.  Peggy is Lee's cousin on his Mom's side.  Lyn and Sai came over too. 

Michele and Sai

We all sat around in Jon and Michele's living room and chatted for quite awhile and then we headed out to The Turkey Hill Brewery Company, Pub and Grill in Bloomsburg.

Jon, Sai, John, Michele, Lyn and Peggy

Michele and Jon's daughter, Isabel

Michele, Lyn, Peggy and Me

The food was great.  The company was wonderful and it is so good to get together when we can!

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