Friday, October 10, 2014

Portsmith, New Hampshire

We headed into Portsmouth, New Hampshire today.  We wandered around town and visited a Shell Shop that I had read about and wanted to see.  Then we had lunch at Fat Belly's Grill.

The town was really decorated for Halloween!


This is the shop that I wanted to visit.  I found it on the internet and we managed to find it when we arrived in Portsmouth.  Of course, parking the truck was tricky.  We drove around and around quite a few times before we found parking along the street.

I did buy a few shells from Scallops.  I'm planning to do some redecorating in the fifth wheel and the shells will be a part of that!

Downtown Portsmouth

Fat Belly's where we had lunch

We both had Mushroom Swiss Burger and shared some onion rings.  The meal was enormous so I ate a few of the onion rings and didn't eat the bun.  I was still stuffed.  No wonder they call it "Fat Belly's."

The Congregational Church downtown had entertainment today

Portsmouth is a lovely quaint town and someday we'd like to spend some more time there.

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