Saturday, October 4, 2014

Foggy Day and the Lobster Pound in Trenton

As you can see from the picture below, it wasn't a day to do any sightseeing today so we drove down to Thomaston to visit the Maine Department of Corrections Prison Show Room Gallery.  When we visited Maine in 1998, we purchased a bunch of items from here as we were doing our family room in a nautical theme.  We decided to check it out again.  They have a wonderful selection of things but nothing that we needed at this point. 

On the way back it still looked just like it did when we started so we decided to visit Ruth and Whimpy's Lobster House in Hancock, Maine, however, the fog kept getting heavier so we headed back to Trenton.  We decided to try out the Lobster Pound near our campground.  It was pretty crowded inside and quite a bit more expensive than  Ruth and Whimpy's but we went for the lobster dinners anyway.

 Inside Lunt's Gateway Lobster Pound

This was my lobster.  He looked great but he was not very cooperative.  I should have paid much better attention to the directions on how to eat the lobster.  It was right on our placements.  Having done this before, however, I just went for it.  I managed to get through the claws just fine.  When I tried to open the body, it just exploded all over me!  Nothing like lobster inners all over your shirt, pants, the table.  Well, you get the picture.  I had a fun time cleaning up before I could eat anything else!  He definitely got his revenge!

Lee and his lobster.  His didn't give him any problems!

The people around us kept raving about the blueberry pie and I felt that I really deserved to eat something that wouldn't fight back so we both had pie and ice cream.  It was really good.

When I got home I headed to the bedroom to put my clothes into the washer.  They still smelled like lobster which is a lot like dead fish so the sooner they got into the wash, the better!!

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