Sunday, October 5, 2014

Acadia National Park

This morning we headed over to the Bar Harbor Congregational Church this morning and then we decided to see if our favorite place for haddock was still in business.  Unfortunately, the place was sold and is now The Downtown Lobster Pound.  The menu was different and, although the haddock was really good, the atmosphere and the service just wasn't the same.

After lunch we headed to Acadia National Park.  We thought we would head up to Cadillac Mountain and get out and walk around, however, today was so busy at the park it was unbelievable.  First of all, there was some biking event going on and the park was just chalk full of bikers.  It was apparent that some of them were just not in the best shape to be heading up Cadillac Mountain and with all the car and truck traffic, it is wonder no one was killed.  However, we still managed to make a few stops along the way to the mountain and we took a few pictures.

The Tide is out!

A View in the Park just as you start heading up the mountain

There were three cruise ships in town today.  This is one of them.

There a bunch of tourists aboard this vessel today.  It was a great day for it although a bit nippy!

This is the same ship only at a different viewpoint in the park.

We passed a waterfall along the road.
         The colors aren't quite a full peak here, but still gorgeous!

Loads of traffic on the park roads today and bikers galore.  You can see just how much room we all have.  It got a bit scary on some of the curves, I can tell you!

That's Lee heading out to get a better view!

This was our last stop for scenery today because when we arrived at the top of Cadillac Mountain, the place was just jammed full of every kind of vehicle and tons of bikers everywhere.  We had to stay in line to pass through the full parking lot to get back to the road and out of the park.  

Back on the road again, we decided to head to the Jordon Pond House in the park and have some of their famous popovers before heading home.

It wasn't too busy when we arrived but it was way to early for dinner yet.  We decided to have tea and popovers.

We each had two of these popovers with jelly and they were delicious and just as good as we remembered!  Lee keeps saying they are made of air so they have to make a fortune on them!

Then when we finished the popovers we drove around awhile and ended up at another favorite haunt of ours when we were staying in Maine - The Blueberry Hill Dairy Bar which isn't far from Narrows Too. 

We both had a "small" dish of blueberry ice cream!

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