Sunday, October 12, 2014

Main Street Congregational Church, Amesbury, Massachusetts

Today is Sunday so we decided to attend church services in Amesbury, Massachusetts at the Main Street Congregational United Church of Christ.  The church had a yard full of pumpkins for sale.  As we traveled in the East we found that many of the Congregational UCC churches also sold pumpkins as a fundraiser.  Somehow I could only see our home town of Cedar Rapids having pumpkins smashed from one end to the other if we did that!

Beautiful Church With a Large Congregation

The Church Choir

The church choir was small but they all blended beautifully and sounded great.  Their conductor played the piano and conducted at the same time.  He sort of reminded me of our old choir director, Rich Hoffman.  You could tell by the way this choir sounded that he was a great Choir Director as well as musician. 

We were warmly greeted at this church and invited by several people to their after church coffee so we did.  They had a lot of nice desserts and coffee but tea wasn't on the menu so we had punch!

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