Thursday, October 10, 2013

San Filipi de Neri

We were planning on heading to the Balloon Festival this morning but all indications were that due to high winds all the events for the day were cancelled.  It let us sleep in a bit anyway!  Then we decided to take a tour of Old Town.  We headed over there and did a bit of exploring. 

We stopped first at the San Felipe de Neri Church which is the oldest church in Albuquerque and was built in 1793.

This church is in the shape of a cross.  It is constructed of adobe with walls that are five feet thick. A one-story rectory for the Friars was added on the east side and the westernmost room of the structure was a sacristy.

The church has quite a history which can be found online at

The baptismal font

The Sacred Heart

Gift Shop and Museum
The Gift Shop and Museum section of this complex used to be the convent which was an addition to the church in 1881.  The Sisters of Charity staffed the parish school then and they occupied the convent until the late 1970's. 

These two priestly vestments were on display in the museum and I wasn't supposed to take pictures in the museum but I didn't see a sign until the damage was done.  The lady in the museum was very understanding about it.  Thank goodness!

The Courtyard behind the Church

The Front Courtyard
The Rectory is behind the pillars in the front Courtyard.  

Beautiful Orange Canas

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