Thursday, October 10, 2013

Old Town Alburquerque

We continued our tour of Old Town.  Right across from the church is a small park which is in the middle of the square.  Today they had a group of singers and musicians playing in the Gazebo. 

We wandered around the square visiting many of the shops.  Some of the shops had wonderful pieces of jewelry, pottery and artwork in them.  Of course, since we live in our fifth wheel we don't buy much.  We tend to just window shop and enjoy the ambiance!

A Beautiful Garden Courtyard beside one of the shops

This is a nice shop

Live entertainment on the street

Native American artists selling their wares

We ate lunch here!
We started to get hungry and took a look at our options for lunch and decided to eat at the Hacienda del Rio on the square.  It was jammed inside because it was a bit cool outside but we were assured that there were heaters on the porch so we wouldn't get too cold.  So, we decided to try it.  What we didn't plan on was a sudden gust of wind that blew everything everywhere!  We were lucky that we managed to hold on to our plates.  Then it decided to pour down rain but we stayed dry where we were sitting.  We both had Taco Salads for lunch and they were pretty good. 

After lunch Mary went to the restroom and shortly thereafter Lee found her in the restaurant after he paid the bill and we went on our merry way.  Unfortunately, Mary had left her camera on the table and he didn't see it.  Neither of us thought about it until we were back at home.  Then Mary tried to give Lee her pictures to take off the stick and no camera!  We ended up driving back and, thank goodness, it had been turned in and they had it.  It is so nice when there are honest people in the world!

We had a bit of a downpour!

We took a picture of this dog because it reminded us of Mickey and Mary's dog Shamus and we thought they should have this for their yard in Texas!

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