Friday, October 18, 2013

Sacred Heart Retreat, Gallup, NM

On the way back from the Zuni Pueblo, Cathy took us to see the Sacred Heart Retreat which is on the edge of Gallup.  We didn't tour the whole place but we did want to see the Chapel.  Cathy told us about the gorgeous stained glass windows and how the chapel overlooked the City of Gallup.

Lee in front of the Chapel.

Gorgeous Stained Glass Windows

The Altar

View Out The Window

Another Corner of the Chapel


The complex has many more buildings.  There are four small hogans, one large hogan, and a twelve-bedroom hall with a bathroom in each bedroom. Marian and Tekakwitha Halls are large conference rooms for meetings. Drexel, St. Joseph and Merici are suitable for smaller groups. A hogan-styled chapel is available for private prayer and Catholic services during your retreat. 

It looks like a wonderful place for a retreat.