Thursday, October 17, 2013

Murals of Gallup, New Mexico

The City of Gallup started having murals in the 1930's by the WPA.  Outdoor murals are a proud tradition here.  In the early 2000's various local artists were commissioned to retell Gallup's stories though a series of murals on downtown buildings.  They have a map of the murals in their Visitor Guide and we decided to follow the map starting with Mural 1 through 11.  In order to remember which mural was which, we decided to do them in order which meant we had to backtrack quite a bit but it was good exercise.

The Navajo Code Talker Murual
Located on 2ns street between Coal Ave and Hwy. 66. Artist Be Sargent gives honor to those Navajosthat served the military as Code Talkers during World War II  But more importantly she tries to that greatest asset of The People is their language. 

Ceremonial Mural
Located on the Ceremonial Building on Coal Ave. between 2nd & 3rd Streets. Artist Irving Bahe uses the Navajo Beautyway concept to depict the unity and life that the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial brings. 

Hispanic Heritage Mural
Rick Sarracino, a local artist, created the mural depicting the rich Hispanic heritage of Gallup.

Native American Trading
Located on Tanner’s Indian Art at the corner of Third & Coal Streets. Artist Chester Kahn shows the nature of commerce in Gallup throughout history. For many years Chester has been the a champion of Navajo culture. Of worthy viewing is his “Circle of Light” mural located inside the Ellis Tanner Trading Co. 

Multi-Cultural Women
Located on the South-facing wall of the Children’s library on 2nd street. Artist Erica Rae Sykes uses vibrant color to create dreamlike space that offers a tribute to the women who have carried on the cultural traditions of daily life. 

Gallup Community Life
Located on the East-facing wall of City Hall. Artist Rick Sarracino shows some elements that have helped shape community life throughout Gallup’s history. Some of these elements include the public library, schools, coal mining, the arts, and even a dark side. 

Great Gallup
Located on the West-facing wall of City Hall. Artists Paul Newman and Steve Heil emphasize the themes of landscape, railroads, Hwy. 66, rodeos, western life, and coal mining. The shape of the mural was chosed to resemble windswept geologic strata, showing layers of history evocative of rock formations. 

Veterans Memorial
The Veterans Memorial mural is located close to the Courthouse area and there is a nice memorial park next to this mural.

The Long Walk Home
Located on Third & Hill streets facing East. Artist Richard K. Yazzie shows the history of his Navajo people after they were released from Fort Sumner. Painted in the four sacred colors of black, blue, yellow, and white.

Zuni Culture
Located on the West-facing wall of the Octavia Fellin Library and painted by Zuni artist Geddy Epaloose. Purposely located on 2nd street in Gallup because for years the Zuni people have entered Gallup on this one-way street. A rooftop view of the Zuni life is colorfully depicted.

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