Saturday, October 5, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada

After we saw Hoover Dam, we headed back to  The Strip and parked in the same lot we had in the morning because parking for over-height vehicles is very limited in Las Vegas. Nearly all parking is now in garages with only six and a half or seven foot clearances, not very accommodating for our nine-foot, two-inch tall truck. The complication was that the mall closed at nine o’clock, a full hour before the show was scheduled to be over. So we will have to walk back to the truck on the street rather than through the mall.

We spent a lot of time at the Venetian today mainly because it is one of our favorite Casinos in Las Vegas and because we had tickets to Rock of Ages in the evening. 

The Palazzo
This part of the Venetian was not completed when we were here last time and it is full of a ton of fabulous shops.

The Lobby of the Palazzo

Mary in the Lobby

Waterfall in the Venetian

It seemed that every time we got lost in the Venetian, someone would tell us to go to the waterfall and turn right, left or behind the waterfall so it is important to know where the waterfall is! lol

Floor Plan of the Venetian/Palazzo
We figured out when we arrived back home that the waterfall is right in the middle of the Venetian and the Palazzo and that the Palazzo shops eventually turn into the Canal Shops so it is seamless inside and also very confusing!  We tried walking from the Palazzo Shops to St. Mark's Square and ended up doing a complete circle through shops and ending up right where we started.  That is one of the times we asked for help and we were told to head to the waterfall!

Fall decorations

This is the entry in the Palazzo Shopping Area of the Venetian


More of the Palazzo

The Grand Canal of the Venetian

St. Mark's Square

A Statue in the Square

Some of the hourly entertainment arrived

Oh, the statue was alive - I thought I saw his eyes blinking!


He's walking on stilts

This guy was good

We must have sat in the wrong seats because Lee became part of the entertainment.  Somehow that happens to him often.  I didn't get very good pictures because we were sitting on the side - the chairs in front were full.

My hubby is a good sport!

This Grand Hall leads to the Venetian Lobby

Does feel like Venice!

Lobby of the Venetian

Ceiling above the Casino Staircase To The Balconies Overlooking the Canal

Another canal outside the Venetian

In Front of the Venetian

The Mirage

Lee in the Lobby of the Mirage

The Mirage near the Volcano Show

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace


New York New York

New York New York

New York New York


The Luxor

The Luxor

Mandalay Bay

Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel

This huge Ferris Wheel stands behind the Venetian.  This is the World's largest Ferris Wheel at 550' high.  It holds more than 1000 people!

New Construction in Town

The Flamingo



Trump Tower

The Wynn

Entrance into the Wynn

Waterfall next to the entry to the Wynn

Heading to the Lobby of the Wynn

Loved the floor of the Wynn!

Wynn - all dressed up for Autumn

Lamps near and above the restaurant in the Wynn

Entry into the Wynn

Louis Vuitton in the Wynn Esplande Shops

Louis Vuitton

You can spend like crazy at these shops.  Of course, Mary has a Rolex so we didn't need to shop.  Well, hers came from Mexico and cost a whole $20 but, you know what, it looks just like one of the ones in the window!

Night descends on Las Vegas and it is a splendiferous sight!

I was attacked by a pirate near Treasure Island. 

Lobby of Treasure Island

Treasure Island

The Sirens of TI (Treasure Island) Sculpture

Pirate Ship Illuminated By All The Lights in 
Front of Treasure Island

We managed to go out the wrong door and we got in the mess of people waiting to see the Pirate Show and then it was cancelled because of the high winds.  We  weren't heading for the show because we've seen it several times but it had the same effect.  We were in an angry mob of people heading up the strip!

As we neared the Venetian heading over to see the Rock of Ages show, their billboard illuminated it so I managed to get a picture of it.

From the overhead walkway heading to the Venetian

Us at the Rock of Ages Theater
There aren't any bad seats in the Rock of Ages Theater so our discount tickets were good.  We were right on an aisle but off to the side.  We recognized most of the songs from the show.  Unfortunately, the bass was so loud that unless it was a quiet romantic song, we couldn't understand the words from the songs and that was really disappointing.  The romantic songs were wonderful!  The rest were just loud!  So, our experience could have been better.  Next time we'll take in a comedy show.  Jim Belushi will be in town the end of the month.  We would have loved to see him!

Now it was time for the walk back to the truck and the streets in Vegas are not real pedestrian-friendly, at least once you get off the Strip. To make matters worse, the weather turned much cooler and windier as the day went on so by the time we were walking the streets heading back to our truck – around ten thirty – temperatures were in the lower sixties and the wind was howling. With highs in the upper eighties just two days ago, we were unprepared for the change and endured a very chilly walk back to our truck. But we made it and got safely back to our RV though it was well after eleven by that time. 


  1. Mary, love the pictures. Ken and I have been to Vegas before and the pictures really brought back a lot of fun memories for me. Thanks for sharing them. Kathy