Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shoshone Falls

This morning we drove to Twin Falls, Idaho and registered for two nights of camping at Oregon Trail Campground.  The campground is pretty nice but the sites aren't as large as the ones we were just in.  They do have great Wifi which we appreciate.   They had two nights available so that is how long we'll stay in this area. 

That meant that after we got set up, we headed over to see Shoshone Falls.  These falls are toted to be the Niagara falls of the West.  The falls are 212' high which is higher than Niagara Falls.  Unfortunately, it is only like Niagara Falls in the spring and early summer when the river flows are high.  During dry years the water is drawn from the Snake River for irrigation and so the water is significantly diminished.  This year is a dry year and so the water flow was practically nil.  The area of the dam is still splendid.  From the looks of the canyon carved out by the Snake River, there is no need for flood control in Twin Falls.  The canyon walls are high all the way through town and they are quite stunning.  

The Snake River down from the dam and Shoshone Falls

Right now that's about all the water coming over the falls

In the spring water pours over all the surfaces in this area

This area above the falls is full of water in the spring also

Panorama of Shoshone Falls

Now that we've shown you how Shoshone Falls looked today, we thought we'd show you how it looks in the spring before the water is used for irrigation. 

We'd love to come back some day in the spring and see this Shoshone Falls!

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